Teyana Taylor Has A Message Since Being Dropped From Adidas…

Earlier this week Teyana Taylor’s reps released a statement denying rumors she had been dropped by Adidas after making fun of Rihanna for being assaulted by Chris Brown. After Adidas confirmed she had been dropped after all Teyana has the last word…

Drake Backs Out of Grammy Nomination Concert Appearance, Gives Back To School In Philly

Drake will not be able to appear on “The Grammy’s Nomination” concert live, because ofscheduling conflict. ”Unfortunately, due to scheduling complications, Drake will no longer beperforming,” a representative for Drake told TMZ, the outlet that broke the news of Drake’s bow out. “[He’s] currently in the middle of his nationwide ‘Would You Like A Tour?’ and sincerely apologizes to his fans that he can’t be there.”

Drake had been scheduled to appear on “The GRAMMYS Nominations Concert Live!!” since October. The rap superstar was announced as an early performer, along with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Robin Thicke and Keith Urban. Those acts are all still set to appear on the Friday night broadcast, along with Lorde, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

“The GRAMMYS Nominations Concert Live!!” is set to air on CBS at 10 p.m..

[WOTS EXCLUSIVE] #NewMusic @ColumbiaBT Featuring @1Future “From The Start”

Columbia BT former known as Mr. Bigg Time is back with a banger ft Future. Yep, that’s right “Check my footwork, ninja, check my footwork, is back with a Hot new single featuring Future called “From The Start“.

Follow him on twitter @ColumbiaBT and let us know what you think of the single in the comment section.

Rumor Mill: Floyd Mayweather and Miss Jackson Have A Child Together? “NOT”

Rumors are swirling of Miss Jackson and Floyd Mayweather possibly having a child together, but I just can’t see that because back in September when Floyd had his last fight in Vegas she clearly wasn’t pregnant! Besides that’s her “SISTER’S” baby.. Don’t believe the hype, but there seems to be trouble in paradise with these two.. According to sources Shantel has moved on and is with another unknown man, she is throwing subliminal shots on Instagram … Showing him what she is accustomed too and it appears that Floyd is not too happy with that..  Did you know that Floyd and Lisa Raye are really good friends with Benefits ? They were spotted together at the Soul Train Awards. He was her date.

Miss Jackson took to Twitter to address the situation:

Miss Jackson ‏@MsJackson 

To anyone that follows me on Instagram just please spread the word that my account is currently being hacked

Miss Jackson ‏@MsJackson 

If anyone has received any disrespectful messages from my account I am very sorry. My twitter and Instagram accounts were hacked today

Then he goes on to making a spectacle of his supposedly love of his life, or what he likes to call her his better half because she is moving on and trying to be something other than his concubine, I feel sorry for her because even though he has a harem and she is in competition with all of his women and they are all wanting to be number one. They all tear each other down because of him… Floyd is the definition of Insecure! He uses money as a way for women to like him and be with him :

Then after all of that, they posted a picture of her and Floyd together captioned “Good Times”.. The funny part is Miss Jackson once again took to Twitter to confirm that it wasn’t her doing the posting….

Miss Jackson ‏@MsJackson 4m

Lmao. That’s not me posting that RT @_christiAlley: So In ❤ , Love This @MsJackson 

They say he is really salty that Ray J took  his side piece princess Love.  Only time will tell if these two will make it,  and she did not have a baby, like I stated it’s her sister’s…….

Meet his side piece that is currently living with him as his “MASSAGE THERAPIST” as Floyd  likes to call her Bad Medina A.K.A. Doralie… Chile Floyd is a pure troll….. I feel sorry for any woman who deals with him , because he is toxic.. I bet he makes a great friend, but horrible lover!

Source: TattleTailzz & Rhymes With Snitch

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