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Wow this story is all over the place when it comes to speculation and it’s super wild when it comes down to thinking little Lindsay could be this vicious but according to TMZ, Miss Lindsay Lohan may have been the cause of Barron Hilton getting pummeled the other night at a party.

TMZ reports that  Lindsay’s denying she ordered the hit and that Lohan claims she wasn’t even on the scene at the time of the incident. However there is a video that seems to prove differently...check it out here. It shows Barron (blonde hair, white shirt) and his friends confronting LiLo right after the attack.

But umm if she wasn’t even in the area when it went down then how come she was there for them to confront her? Yeah we don’t get it either!

Perez Hilton is reporting that they know what went down! They say that Lohan’s boyfriend was talking to a couple of guys and that he was saying that Lindsay was crazy and he wanted to get rid of her. Barron Hilton allegedly chimed in and agreed calling her a “joke”…well one of Lohan’s bff’s heard it and ran over to Lindsay and reported it. That is supposedly when Lohan lost her shizz and got one of her boys to put the beat down on Barron!

The worst part is that as Hilton was said to be balled up on the ground crying and begging the thug to stop Lindsay is alleged to have screamed,

“You talk sh*t about me to my boyfriend! This is what you’ll get!”


Police have been trying unsuccessfully to grab a hold of Ms. Lohan for a chat about the incident but reportedly keep coming up short. However the guy who supposedly treated Hilton’s face like a set of bongo drums claims Lohan had nothing at all to do with why he hit Hilton.

Ray Lemoine is allegedly saying he beat up on Barron because Hilton wouldn’t leave the house where the party was thrown upon being asked to go. He even claims that when Lemoine was unimpressed with Barron enough to demand that he leave the mansion Hilton pulled the, “Do you even know who I am” card! Lemoine says when that fell flat Barron Hilton was he first person to put paws on people by pushing the Lemoine…and the beat down was a result of that pushing action.

All we know for sure at this point is this is M-E-S-S-Y! But then again messy has become Lohan’s middle name over the years! As with any situation there is side A …side B and then the truth. We sure hope someone is able to get to the truth of this matter soon because trying to keep all of this together made our heads hurt! Well…probably not as bad as poor Barron Hilton’s head but you get the picture. Hopefully this real life version of Gossip Girl meets Cruel Intentions gets resolved soon. Because someone somewhere went way too far and behavior like that can never lead to anywhere good. just saying!

 PS Big sister Paris Hilton is none too pleased right now…she left a message on her little brother’s Instagram picture saying, “No one fu*** with my family and gets away with it!” Uh oh!

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