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Bobbi K’s Hubby Starts Twitter War

bobbi kristina hubby

Houston, there’s a problem!

Bobbi Kristina’s relationship with her “brother” Nick Gordon has caused a huge rift in her family that boiled over into a physical altercation. Bobbi K and Nick were secretly married last month and the Houston family are still not accepting of their decision to be together (forever).

If you let Nick explain it, Bobbi’s uncle Gary sucker punched him.

“Everybody got so f–king fake after Mom [Whitney] passed away. Specially Pat. I’m like f–k all of em they’ve tried to fight me ( Gary H ) jealous ass n—a. You snuck me you should’ve had me but you didn’t,” Nick wrote on Twitter.

He then tweeted Bobbi’s uncle Gary:

@garymhouston b—h a– n—a you had a clear shot on my face. You didn’t do sh-t. Sloppy a– n—a. You got held back by one girl. #GaryMichaelHouston you’re a b—h. Point blank. I’ve never seen such a little short/fake person. First time for everything.Gary responded to Nick’s tweets:

Lol grow some nuts and stay off twitter w/ the sensitive s–t….publicity stunts ain’t ur forte..u sound like ur on ur period @nickdgordon. Hahah but y’all c he ain’t @ me though …that’s what happens when u bring #strays home.

S–ts funny to me …U already kno what I’m bout.. n—a check my #pedigree …. My name REALLY IS #HOUSTON. He still kinda sore from that last trip I sent him on smh….. I tried to tell him to buckle up lol. he must hav thought Some1 was gunna protct him but he 4got they dont work 4 him… #welcome to the #BigLeagues lil guy @nickdgordon. Haha we used to call this clumsy n—a #HappyFeet. yeah like the movie..Now Where’s this lil fellas leash?

**scratchs head** @nickdgordon. I’m done.. But b4 I leave lemme say this ….keep it classy …stay focused …but if u got a match …I got some gasoline.

Apologies Folks….Im sorry yall gotta here this i dont condone airing family business..I but I ain’t bout The Bulls–t though..#Respect is #Respect though … And ill c this n—a at the next Family function ..if he pulls his skirt down and shows up.

In a recent interview, Bobbi’s father Bobbi Brown (who seems to have excluded himself from this love story) denied that his daughter was married.

Whitney was obviously the glue that held the Houston family together. We hope they get it together because we don’t think she’d want her family to be so disjointed.

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