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LeBron Savannah

According to our pals over at Eben Gregory things just got really real in Miami as Coach Pat Riley may have accidentally let it slip that LeBron James and his wife Savannah are expecting a new baby girl!

Rumors have been swirling for months that Savannah was with child but nothing had been confirmed by the couple…but Pat Riley got on the microphone and all the tea seems to have gotten spilled!

Said Coach Riley at the season ending press conference,

“Savannah now is going to have a little baby girl to join her in the fight against the two boys and LeBron, which she needs.”

So…yeah and then there was that! We’re sure it was nothing he intended to do maliciously, so all you conspiracy theorists can have a seat!

Even though the couple hasn’t said it themselves…we’ll go ahead and congratulate King James and his beautiful queen….on their impending princess!



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