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Press play to see my 60 day Fitness Update and check out some great resource links to help you get fit!

60 Day progress:

December 29th: 116 pounds 23.5% body fat 25 inch waist

March 2nd: 113.5 pounds 20.5% body fat 24 inch waist

BMI: 20.8


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Part 1 – Waist Training 101 with Vanna B Interview


  • Differences between sports waist trainer and corset
  • How does waist training help after child birth?
  • How can waist training add with weight loss?

Part 2 – Waist Training 101 with Vanna B Interview

  • Does Waist Training damage your internal organs?
  • What are diet recommendations while waist training? What foods should you avoid?
  • Which corset should I order? What size should I get?


Jillian Michael’s 6 Week 6 Pack Work Out Video LEVEL 1:


Total Fit Group:


Ripped In 30 Meal Plan:


BMR Calculator:


Daily Caloric Needs (based on activity): use this after you calculate your BMR

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