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One female cop from Baltimore is calling for the community and the cops to come together.

Sgt. K Glanville took a moment on Saturday evening to stop by a community block party following a rally to let demonstrators know that she is an officer that wants nothing more than to see citizens and police get on the same page about how to protest the death of Freddie Gray.

According to The Huffington Post she told a crowd that she wants Baltimore to set an example about how to make a statement in a civil manner.

“We have to start doing better. We know better, and we have to start doing better. It doesn’t matter what color you are. People are watching to see the next move that Baltimore makes coming out of this … I want other cities to look at this and be able to see a template….And the main thing we need to do is make sure these babies are ok.”

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Knowing that some citizens might take her plea with a grain of salt because she is a cop, she reminded them to remember that she is more than her profession.

“You have to see past my uniform,” she said. “I’m somebody’s mother, I’m somebody’s daughter, I have parents, I’m human. You have to remember that I don’t just become a robot because I put this uniform on.”

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Still she implored anyone that might be hesitant to meet her halfway in hopes that residents and law enforcement might reach an understanding.

“My heart is in this,” she stated. “I’m not wasting time on someone that’s not trying to let me in, when I got all these other people who got the door wide open, saying ‘Sgt. Glanville, please step in.’ I am here, I’m available. I give kids my phone number, I tell people ‘you need something, you call me.’ It all starts with relationship building.”


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