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Young Greatness

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New Orlean’s rapper, Young Greatness is the creator of the 2015 hit record, “Moolah”. Although the track went gold, the song became bigger than the artist, despite him being a part of the music powerhouse, Quality Control (QC).

Earlier today, Young Greatness announced that he has officially left QC and signed with his hometown label, Cash Money Records as he believes it will be a better fit.

Here’s what Young Greatness had to say about the split:

“It’s no ill will with me or Coach K or nothing like that, But sometimes when you are doing business we all have different opinions, different way we see things. Sometimes things are not meant to work. Sometimes God has his own plan for you. I feel like with that situation, that wasn’t God’s plan for me.”

“It was already genetically there because one of my cousins worked for Mannie Fresh since I was a kid. That was always in my family’s vision for me. Once things appeared to the public that things were kinda shaky with my situation, Slim actually reached out before Baby to talk to me about my situation. I was actually still on Quality Control. He was willing to still work with them to try to help me go further, considering the fact that I’m from New Orleans.”

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