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Huge queues of traffic on the roads near Hastings in East Sussex as sun seekers make for the coast during heatwave.

Source: Wheatley/WENN / WENN

We’ve all heard of Grandmas complaining about folks speeding down their streets while the grand babies play on the front lawn. Well this Montana grand mom took matters into her own hands to slow down traffic on her street.  One day Patti Forest Baumgartner got fed up and grabbed her hair dryer and a lawn chair, took a seat on the curb in front of her house and pointed her hair dryer at on coming cars, pretending to take their speeds with a radar gun. )Oh we can’t forget the red solo cup and straw) 

We are sure whether Patti was able to slow down traffic, but her efforts do not go unnoticed. Do it for the babies Patti!




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