Struggling to remain relevant, Lil Kim has dropped a "remix" of Jay-Z & Kanye West's new single "H.A.M." Lil' Kim sandwiches herself in between Yay and Hov's verses, and adds a sprinkling of auto-tune to her voice. We guess she completely ignored Jay's "D.O.A."

Lil Kim shut down a street in her home borough of Brooklyn recently as she shot the video for her single "Black Friday." The track, taken from her forthcoming mixtape, IRS (International Rock Stars), features the Queen Bee taking shots at Nicki Minaj.

And the beef goes on...Lil' Kim couldn't let a performance go by without mentioning her enemy Nicki Minaj. This New Year the Queen Bee hit the stage and performed her latest song "Black Friday."

On Thanksgiving day Lil' Kim shot back at Nicki Minaj for her blatant disrespect on "Roman's Revenge." Last night Kim shot the video for the rebuttal; here's the behind-the-scenes footage!

<strong>Black Friday</strong> is around the corner, and the deals are CRAZY!! With such a slow shopping season last year, retailers are desperate to bring in the business. And I have your <strong>early shopping wish lists</strong>!<!--more-->