Nicki Minaj's brother Jelani Maraj was in court on Friday for the rape case in which he's being accused of predatory assault of a child.

LeBron James reportedly has a half-brother named Aaron who is struggling to make ends meet while LeBron lives a life much to the contrary as an NBA player. Aaron’s mom passed away from cancer last year and didn’t have enough money to bury her. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! LeBron is being criticized for “turning […]

Lamar Odom just got some good news on his road to rehab after a near brush with death inside a Las Vegas brothel. Doctors are telling the championship ex-NBA baller he’ll survive with months of hard work, and his ex Khloe is planning to be there for the entire ride. According to sources close to the […]

Nicki Minaj might be an international superstar, but she never forgets where she came from, and who stood by her side on the way to…

When your family makes it clear that they don’t like the person you plan to marry, you better make sure your family members aren’t as…

Auto-tune afficianado T-Pain has been in a war of words with another soldier of auto-tune. He and Future haven’t had the most pleasant things to…

Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, is rumored to be in a relationship with her unofficial “adopted” brother, Nicholas Gordon.

Orlando Magic guard Vince Carter may be having a rough time on the court during the playoffs but that's nothing compared to his real life family issues. His younger brother Chris Carter is a recovering cocaine addict and has been convicted on drug charges nine times.

Brandy and Ray J's alleged half brother C Dove is back and this time he's speaking directly to the camera as if he were speaking to his father Willie Norwood. C Dove reminds Willie of the first day they met and tells him how hurt he was that after they exchanged numbers Willie let Sonja get on the phone, curse him out, tell him she doesn't consider him Ray J and Brandy's brother and how he never heard from Willie again.

The brother of Oscar winner Mo'Nique appeared on Oprah yesterday and admitted he molested the actress when they were children and wants to apologize to her.