From Fox5atlanta  Everyone has dreams of traveling the world, but unfortunately most of us can not afford it. Well, Delta could make that dream a reality. The Atlanta flight company is looking to hire about 1,000 flight attendants for the new season. Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED and be fluent in […]


Some of these Trump supporters are way out of line.

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  Delta Airlines has come under fire in recent days after news broke that a Delta flight attendant questioned whether or not a Black woman, Dr. Tamika Cross, was actually a doctor when Cross jumped up to help a man in distress. Cross took to Facebook to tell her story and air her grievances. Her story […]

A Delta Airlines flight departing from Baltimore and on its way to Atlanta landed early when a passenger noticed a baboon tarantula escaped its container. Fortunately,…

Delta Airlines provided travelers on a recent flight to Los Angeles International Airport to some in-flight entertainment courtesy of B.O.B. The Grammy nominee performed his hit single “Airplanes” during the flight.