Nse Ufot; the CEO of the New Georgia Project Action Fund talks to Mo Quick about the different ways they have been forcing huge corporations; who’ve donated millions to republican’s who sponsored voting bills, to stand with the people. The NGPAF understands the impact of the dollar amount; so while we the people are spending […]


As the Dekalb County Sheriff’s office looks to hire new officers, their main concern is bringing in young black kids to groom, in order for them to grow and be able to police their own communities. The Sheriff speaks about bridging the gap between law enforcement and the black community through learning to trust and […]


Attorney Gerald Griggs, of the NAACP, encourages us to mobilize and let our voices be heard against voter bills set to pass in Georgia to suppress the black vote.


After Georgia became a Democratic State, lawmakers began to propose different voter bills to stop the African American community from allowing the laws to work for us.

Knowing healthy eating isn't something a lot of people are into in the black community; Mo Quick and Pinky discuss how Slutty Vegan has changed that.


Using Fulton County Board of Health's guidance, the district will begin vaccination events, and are asking for volunteers. More specifically, APS is looking for medical professionals...

  Since 2020 was so different, and unexpected, we want to make sure you know all of the different changes that have been put in place for you who may be suffering through this pandemic this tax season. Radio personality, Mo Quick, talks with ATC Income Tax about to expect when you file your 2020 […]

  Mo Quick from The Morning Hustle sat down with IRS Special Agent in charge of Criminal Investigations. Tax season just began and the IRS wants to make sure while your’e filing, you do not become a victim of tax fraud. Listen to all the ways you could become victimized, and learn different ways to […]


Our very own Reec & Mz. Shyneka are hooking YOU up with  gas for only $1.07 per gallon and it’s all for a great cause!!! Here’s How It Works: Come to our mobile gas location Sunday between 4pm – 6pm Debit or credit card purchases ONLY – No Cash Purchases With each gallon you purchase […]

  Commissioner Hall of Fulton County sits down with Reec on Hot 107.9 to discuss a new initiative the county has to improve opportunities for youth while cutting down teen related offenses.

Porter Sanford III Performing Arts and Community Center, located at 3181 Rainbow Drive, Decatur, GA 30034, on May 2, 2019, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.