Sammie, Mr. Lover Boy, is known for making music telling his truth, displaying his experiences or feelings of what’s occurring at that moment in the world of Sammie. We’ve witness his growth from boy to man in Coming of Age, a rocky relationship in Everlasting and his revealed healing in Such as Life, now Sammie […]

    Last week I was able to relive one the best time periods in my 20 something years of living along with so many others at the Millennium Tour. Going back to a time where Jersey Dresses, Slouch socks, bamboo earrings, and men wearing 2XL everything was considered a trend, this was a show […]

R&B sensation, Sammie recently stopped by The Progress Report to speak on his hiatus from the music industry and his return to the business after going viral. He is now on tour with Tank and is fully embracing his grown and sexy persona.  Instagram @SammieAlways @TheProgressReport101 @Lalaashep @DJ_Jstar @Bossbritt__ @DJExel

BACK FOR THE FIRST TIME! R&B Child Star Sammie introduces an expansion of his brand and releases his latest EP “The Leigh Bush Project” as new man with a new mission and a lot of new music to share. Sammie who now goes by “Leigh Bush”, Mr. Bush is very busy! In the midst of releasing “The Leigh Bush Project“, […]

Sammie's new video makes us want to go another round.