Bow Wow sets the record straight about recent shenanigans, issue with so so def tour & relationship with JD & Brat. Reginae talks about attending college, the show & her mom. They both talk relationships or lack there of! Live with Reec on Hot 107.9FM.  

Shad Moss, or the rapper Formerly known as Bow Wow, has been all over social media for the past week because of photo he posted claiming to be on a Private Jet that he owned. Twitter took so much offense to Bow Wow’s fake IG posts, that they decided to create the #BowWowChallenge where other […]

Bow Wow has had a rough month. Shad Moss posted a photo this week to his Instagram account that boasted a private jet, Mercedes-Benz coupe and luxury tour van. The problem is he doesn’t own the private jet, or the Mercedes-Benz coupe, or the luxury tour van. Once twitter found out what they thought were the […]

Bow Wow is no stranger to taking L’s on social media as he is constantly the butt of all jokes. Today was no exception as the entertainer was caught flexing on social media after posting a picture of a private jet surrounded by luxury cars with the caption, “Travel day”, promoting his upcoming reality show, Growing […]

What’s the THOT-iest profession, flyest trend in the 2000’s & who’s the prettiest celebrity ex according to Bow Wow? This weekend, our Online Editor Bobby Pen, hit the red carpets during Super Bowl 51. While in Houston, she attended the Maxim Magazine 2017 Party where everybody who is anybody was in attendance for the star-studded, […]

Shad Moss has been one of those celebs designated the butt of the joke for a while now, especially after he proclaimed that he was too “mixed” to identify with the long-standing and historic black struggle in America. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! He recently announced his new gig hosting a game show on Spike […]

He made the sudden announcement on Twitter, reminding fans he always planned to leave the rap game before hitting 30.

The couple called it quits yesterday, and in a matter of minutes, the rapper managed to insert himself into their breakup.

Nene Leakes comes clean about plastic surgery, Bow Wow opens up about his relationship with Ciara & more

The Internet believes these two are dating, but there is some serious denial going on.

Mr. 106&Park is moving to late-night television. Shad Moss will be hosting his own talk-show. The rapper announced the news on his Instagram Wednesday. His rap career has been at a stand still for a while now, but he continues to show his face on televisions around the world. We look good on French TV […]