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During a media appearance, the Florida veteran proudly declared that he's a fan of getting his, ahem, salad tossed, and Proctology Twitter totally digs in.

Florida artists, Trina & Trick Daddy had the music industry on lock in the late 1990s with hits such as “Nann Nigga” and “Shut Up”. The duo has since reunited and announced plans for a new album which will be released through Slip N’ Slide Records/Atlantic Records later this year. “Yesterday (March 5) me and Trina […]

Trick Daddy will not let up! After being slammed on social media for his degrading comments about black women, Trick returned to social media to share a message to the ladies who had an issue with his sexist statements. Women on social media blasted the retired rapper for saying that black women need to “tighten […]

As if black women don’t get beat up in the white media enough, we also have to deal with the ridiculous logic and degrading opinions of some black men as well. This is especially the case with black male celebrities, some of whom love to point out what black women are doing wrong and what […]

Strip clubs don’t play around when they don’t get their money. Former NFL player Bryant McKinnie recently learned that lesson the hard way after he…

  Miami rapper Trick Daddy (born Maurice Young) was arrested last night for cocaine possession. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Trick Daddy looks awful in his mug shot. He’s clearly put on weight and his hairline is pretty bad nowadays. According to the Miami Herald, Trick was arrested by Broward County Sheriff’s deputies late […]

  Have you ever taken the time to look at Trick Daddy‘s Twitter? No? Me either. Today, I happened to be scrolling Crunktastical‘s site and…

So apparently there has been no love lost between Lil Wayne and Trick Daddy since Wayne’s f**k Miami rant a few months back. TMZ reports that at popular Miami strip club King of Diamonds, the situation almost came to Lil Wayne’s camp and Trick Daddy’s camp putting paws on one another. RELATED: Lil Wayne Disses […]