During the fall and winter months most people experience dry cracked skin or common colds, but this year why wait for that to happen when you can be living your best life… Below are a list of What’s Hot essentials for tackling those cold temperatures. Preventing Common Cold, Sore Throats and Building Immune System Garlic […]

For their highly anticipated sophomore collection, ANZ have lightened the mood. Signature knits come in subtle tonal pastels referencing the work of artist David Hockney and his fresh effervescent palette. ANZ hero piece the signature cardigan has been further developed to include 2 weights of weather dependent knits – lightweight in tango, mojito, noir and lakers. […]

Please let people know where they are welcome to GET OUT OF THE COLD over the next few days during this cold front!

There has been a lot of talk about vaccines and whether or not they are actually harmless- so what’s the truth? Listen to the audio player…

Flu season is upon us! Every year there is a mad dash to avoid falling ill- so how do you protect yourself from before it…


Positive American Youth strikes again after the storm with another free grocery give away! People of all ages came by to receive canned and dry goods through Payusa’s food pantry. PayUsa also supplied their lovely female volunteers with V-Day gift bags filled with pleasantries. Attendants also received vital community resource information from Better Homes & […]


While a great deal of focus was on The Broncos and Sea Hawks this Super Bowl Sunday, Positive American Youth AKA PAYUSA had a game plan to score touchdowns in the community! In an effort to provide assistance after the winter storm they successfully supplied hundreds of stuffed grocery bags to very appreciative families. People of […]

It’s winter, so it’s supposed to be cold, but mother nature took it too far this week. Listen to the audio player to hear Special…

Because of current economic hardships and extreme need, many people have previously stood in long lines for hours hoping to get financial assistance without success. The Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority (FACAA) has received additional funding to help families pay their home heating bills. Click here for more info!

The Winter is making a big statement all across the U.S. this holiday season.  Heavy winds, cold flurries and a lot of snow have ushered  into many cities and made a grand entrance.  Bundling up and keeping warm is the best way to survive this season.  Who likes to be cold anyway?

Check out <strong>winter's "Buzzin" Boot trend</strong>. These boots are HOT!!! <!--more-->