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In case you haven’t noticed, Jay-Z is trying to take over the world. His latest move didn’t involve the action-packed world of Hip-Hop music, but rather with his Roc Nation sports management hustle. He lured Kevin Durant over, and you can’t help but wonder if this will change Kevin. Granted, Jay-Z doesn’t seem to ever rub elbows with his rap artists (see Jermaine Cole), but who knows if it’s the same with his sports clients. Money talks. In fact, it has its own language.

If Jay-Z does decide to pull Kevin Durant under his luxurious wing and give him some sort of Hov-tastic makeover, check out these five possible upgrades Jay-Z could give K.D.

His Style

When David Stern switched the NBA’s dress code from Allen Iverson thuggish to Steve Harvey suited, I’m sure he never envisioned this day. Today’s NBA star dresses like different flavored ghetto versions of Steve Urkel, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. Keeping up with fashion is one thing, but Durantula’s too tall to dress like a superhero’s alter ego. After every post-game interview, I was waiting for him to stop talking, rip his shirt open, and fly away. Jay could definitely re-swag K.D. out. Or un-swag him altogether. I’m not quite sure how that works these days. Does Rocawear have a line of tailored suits?

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