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Searcy’s trending topic for today is reliving the past experiences. We all have those times when would would like to push the rewind button. If like was only that simple, experiences are the best and sometimes you just want to hold on to them.

Something people would love to experience again for the first time is often college. The golden years of many adults would be the freedom of college. I found an article about identifying the signs of trying to relive the college experience.

You only tell stories about how great your college experience was.

For some reason, you can’t get over the fact that the real world “sucks.”

Homecoming/ Alumni weekend is a day you actually look forward to.

Going to school concerts is still something you get excited about.

You tailgate for your college games.

You still cycle through the same group of people you dated in college.

When you go out to a party, you use any excuse to do a keg stand or shotgun a beer.

College rivalries are fun without a doubt, but there is no need to take them to heart.

A person’s Greek Life affiliation still makes a difference to you.

You always talk about how you wish you can go back to school.

Source: Elite Daily


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