Civil Rights & Social Justice

Alicia Keys & NFL Launch $1 Billion Black Business Fund For Black Owned Businesses And Communities

Erika Alexander producer of the new John Lewis Documentary “Good Trouble” talks to B High about working with Congressman Lewis and his impact on the world as we know it.

Stephen Jackson: The NFL Should’ve Apologized Directly To Colin Kaepernick, They Ruined His Life

Stephen Jackson: Justice For George Floyd, Drew Brees, Colin Kaepernick, Worldwide Protests, & Unity

All Four Ex-Officers Will Be Charged In George Floyd’s Death

This is an inside look of the Atlanta protest for justice for George Floyd.

Independent Autopsy Finds George Floyd’s Death A Homicide Due To Asphyxiation(Strangulation)

Sunday in Minneapolis a tanker truck sped into thousands of George Floyd protestors. The driver was arrested and charged.

Behind the scenes of the George Floyd protest. (Warning Graphic Language)

Protest In Atlanta Turns Destructive As Police Cars Are Set On Fire And Destroyed

Former officer Derek Chauvin has been charged with 3rd degree Murder in the death of George Floyd.