Atlanta slang runs the culture. If you don’t believe that, then you don’t know anything about Hip Hop. For years, Atlanta’s slang words have been in movies and TV shows like Donald Glover’s “Atlanta,” and music videos like “Dat Way,” by the Migos. Athletes like Cam Newton can be heard using Atlanta slang on the […]


Our very own Reec & Mz. Shyneka are hooking YOU up with  gas for only $1.07 per gallon and it’s all for a great cause!!! Here’s How It Works: Come to our mobile gas location Sunday between 4pm – 6pm Debit or credit card purchases ONLY – No Cash Purchases With each gallon you purchase […]

Some of the new Anti Abortion Laws are ridiculous. For example, If you are walking and trip and fall and have a miscarriage, you can be charged with Manslaughter! Check out the interview below and hear all the details.   

Visit to find the lowest prices near you!   Lowest Gas Prices in 30303 2.59 UFO  (18 reviews) 340 Whitehall St SW Atlanta – Central 12h ago rcastle06  2.99 Shell  (17 reviews) 160 John Wesley Dobbs Ave NE Atlanta – Central 12h ago nycboyga  2.99 Shell  (5 reviews) 490 Whitehall St SW Atlanta – Central 14h ago […]

  Beware of gas station robbery tactics Police say criminals have a new trick at area gas stations.  They use a decoy to detract the victim to lure the driver away from their vehicle.  In less than 3 seconds criminals are able to steal any material possessions. i.e. (cell phone, purse, wallet, vehicle)     […]

As we know the damaged gas line has caused a shortage in Georgia and especially in Metro Atlanta! The line will hopefully be fixed by the end of the week and prices should slowly drop back down to normal. Until then we will have you covered with a listing on stations that HAVE GAS!!! Click […]

A man in Detroit seems to have taken his fear of spiders too far. While filling up his car at a gas station in Detroit,…

Mike Epps and Rickey Smiley worked together on the films “All About the Benjamins” and “Next Friday,” and in this interview, Rickey blows up Mike’s spot…