It’s been a rough few days for San Francisco 49ner Aldon Smith. He was recently arrested in LAX for making a bomb threat. According to…

Oh, Chris Brown. Not again. In an incident that sounds more like an “SNL” sketch than real life, Chris Brown, a millionaire, was video taped by TMZ arguing with a valet outside of a bowling alley over a $10 service fee. Brown, who probably has left more money between the sculpted cheeks of the finest […]

A recent tweet from Lil' B directed towards Kanye West, who apparently Lil' B has been trying to get to notice him on Twitter, has caused quite a stir.

Snoop Dogg found himself in a little hot water with the boys in blue 24 hours before his recent concert in Oklahoma. A video posted on the Internet shows an Oklahoma member of the Crips threatening Snoop based on comments he made about gang life outside of Los Angeles.

Twitter strikes again! It's safe to say that this social network has definitely changed the game as celebrities are getting into more and more trouble just by their fans "following" them. Juvenile replied to a fan calling her an ugly b*tch, and later threatened to slap another.