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Is Soulja Boy a cokehead? Kat Stacks thinks so!

In her latest video, Kat Stacks puts Soulja Boy on blast by providing “proof” that the 20-year-old ATL rapper loves him some blow.

The video starts with Kat Stacks in a hotel room bathroom talking into a mirror while a bathrobe barely covers her fake breasts. Right from the jump Kat claims that Soulja Boy is a cokehead. She then proceeds to walk into the dining area of the hotel room and sure enough on the sideboard are a few lines of what looks like that White Girl.

And just when you’re realizing that Soulja Boy hasn’t been seen or heard at all and you’re starting to doubt her story, the video cuts to a recorded phone conversation between the two, along with what looks like a series of private messages sent by Soulja Boy on Twitter.

Phone conversation not enough for you?

Cut to camera phone video of her on a bed watching television next to some dude who, all we see of him are his scalp and a gang of tattoos that look like Soulja Boy’s inkings.

You never get a clear shot of the guy’s face, because Kat Stacks is a grimy chick and knows if these dudes caught her videotaping them, she probably would need reconstructive surgery on that face of hers.

Is it really Soulja Boy? Was that really yayo on the sideboard?

Decide for yourself:


It’s really sad at how cocaine has become so fashionable in hip-hop lately. From that one dude from Pretty Ricky filming himself doing soft white, to Kid Cudi “just doing some blow,” to the coke raps of Juelz Santana, Raekwon, Rick Ross, the Clipse, and Young Jeezy (to name but a few), it’s a big problem! You would think that the stories of Rick James, Whitney Houston, and Amy Winehouse (to name but a few) would be enough for folks to know to stay out of the snow!


Take us outta here, Rick:

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