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Reec, is well known for being on Hot 107.9 from 10-2 weekdays but do you know what his favorite holiday is? Probably not… we asked him that, as well as some other questions in this weeks edition of “21 Questions.”

1. What do you do?

Try to be a good parent, I Work with a non profit & a radio station.

2. Current Focus?

Winning at life

3. Describe yourself in 3 words?

Positive, concerned,

4. Describe your sound in 3 words?

Witty, confident, simple

5. First thing you thought about this morning?


6. Have you ever been star struck?


7. Favorite song at this moment?

Meek mills Tony’s story 1,2 & 3

8. What advice would you give yourself at 15 years old?

Learn Spanish and read more

9. Last compliment you received?

They appreciate the segment I did on gun violence in the swats

10. Favorite Holiday?

Thug holiday. Joking. Thanksgiving

11. Who’s your favorite radio personality other then yourself?

Dukes & Bell

12. Rich or Famous?


13. Name something you can’t live without?


14. Tell me a secret?

I have been writing stand up comedy routines

15. Do you have a type?

Yea Fine

16. What’s your most memorable moment being on the radio?

Interviewing Naughty By Nature

17. The most important thing to you?

Doing the right thing when its the hard thing to do.

18. What’s something you wish people would stop saying?

When you getting married

19. Worst Habit?

OCD – I do things in Repetition for no reason like touching door nobs three times or lining up remotes, phones, pens etc.

20. Best advice you received?

The best way to be right is to practice at being right.

21. What is your future looking like?

Bright AF.

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