Should your job be able to FIRE you over social expression? #ReecQOTD


This morning Starbucks in Pennsylvania has released an apology for having 2 black men arrested this weekend. Employee said the Reason the cops where called because they were trespassing & hadn’t ordered anything yet. In Actuality was these MEN were waiting on a friend to arrive before they ordered. Watching the video (that’s on […]

Join Hot 107.9’s Reec as he broadcast LIVE from this HUGE Hiring Event for your opportunity to Get Hired on The Spot Attend the Atlanta, GA | 100,000 Opportunities Initiative Fair! Register now for this FREE event, Hundreds employers will be hiring on the spot! Employment Fields include: Administrative, Sales, Transportation, Management, Retail, Logistics … and […]

TWO MEN Lawrenceville offers a $200 sign-on bonus for qualified movers/drivers in the Lawrenceville & Suwanee areas. By moving people forward, you can advance to management positions! Opportunities are endless at TWO MEN Lawrenceville. Apply through Facebook BY CLICKING HERE Home Based Call Center is hiring TODAY! – Call – 404-275-4094 – Work From […]

We all know mandatory testing can bring anxiety and tension. Especially for Elementary school aged children who are getting their first true experience with “pressure to perform.” So what better way to ease those young minds than a pep rally hosted by their favorite radio station, it’s 2 most prominent community figures, a barrage of […]

Join the greater Atlanta community as we come together in an open forum to discuss touchy topics in the community with the police. This event will be hosted by Hot 107.9’s Reec and Officer Dennis of APD at Stoney’s Barber Shop in the historical Auburn Ave Area – 384 Edgewood AVE. 6pm – 8pm.

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Name a few jobs that Teachers should get paid more than!?! #ReecQOTD

Could you say no to a proposal in a large crowd? #ReecQOTD


Little old lady steals cats to make and sell bootleg fur coats? Would you tell on your granny if she did this? #ReecQOTD

  Story Credit By: ANGELIA PRESSLEY JANUARY 21, 2018 On the Sunday morning of MLK Weekend, lines of cars wrapped a mile or so from Austell-Powder Springs Road to Clay Road, heading toward South Cobb’s Threadmill Mall for the prospect of groceries and other articles.  HOT 107.9 FM Midday Personality and Spokesman for PAYUSA Reec  Swiney, PBnJ Kids & a […]