Paternity Test Tuesday

Jared & Allison met at the college bookstore, and things got hot in an empty classroom days later. Allison’s current boyfriend helps her take care of her baby, JJ, but that’s not the father of the child. Allison says she knows the baby is definitely Jared’s, and she’s looking for the child support he owes […]

Janay and Carlos hooked up one night after a party, seven months later, Janay’s got a baby. Carlos swears it’s not his, however, and recently bought a new car with the money he makes as a bartender. Janay is pretty upset that he just made this big purchase for himself, while she and her baby […]

It’s ‘Paternity Test Tuesday’ on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.” Alicia and Javen aren’t together anymore, because Alicia says Javen drove her nuts with his paranoia and clingy tendencies. He got her a phone on his plans but then demanded that he check her cell phone for text messages. Alicia thinks she got pregnant from […]

Patrina and Zach met at a hotel and had a classic one night stand after one too many drinks. Zach, a white man, has a wife and two kids at home who have no idea that this is what he’s dealing with. Patrina says there’s no way that her baby, Javier, isn’t Zach’s. Meanwhile, Zach […]

Angelo & Chanae have been dating for almost four years. They have a one-year-old child together, and were planning on getting married this year, until Chanae found some texts in Angelo’s phone alluding to some infidelity. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! When she threatened to cheat to get even, Angelo demanded a paternity test to […]

A divorced couple with two kids is already on rocky ground after Glennis cheated on her husband Bruce with a pastor. Now, Bruce isn’t sure of the parentage of one of the couple’s teenaged kids! He finally gets to answer the question that’s been burning in his head for so long, and perhaps settle some […]

Chantel and Odell meet at a party and continue to sleep together for several months. When Chantel finds out she’s pregnant and tells Odell it’s revealed he’s only 20-years-old, still lives with his mother and works at Foot Locker. Chantel receives a phone call from Odell’s mom and she’s upset about this situation. Sign Up […]

It’s ‘Paternity Test Tuesday’ on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.” Two co-workers get together and end up having a child together. After finding out she might of been cheating on him it’s now time to see if he is the father. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Find out the results! Listen to “The Rickey Smiley […]

Some Black people do way too much when it comes to baby names, and so did these parents on Paternity Test Tuesdays. Hear what “The…

A man who works at Walmart as an overnight stalker (or stocker) checked into “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” for this edition of Paternity Test…

So there was Frank P. and his  alleged son Philip.  They have just been reunited after 20 plus years of separation. Philip’s mother was murdered when he was a child and he had been living with his aunt. Philip contacted Frank because he has always felt that he was his biological father.  Frank goes above […]