“BEESTROOOOOH!” If you’re doing it right, between your radio choices, your party choices, and your online entertainment choices, you hear that name at least once a day. And if all goes as planned, it won’t be long before his name rings bells this regularly across the globe. For the past five years, Beestroh as he is known to the millions of fans he reaches weekly on Hot 107.9 in Atlanta and his religiously followed blogsite,, – has been on an unstoppable campaign to become Hip-Hop’s next international media star. Ironically enough, that quest started the day he got tired of Hip-Hop. After having made a name for himself as both a DJ and an artist in his hometown of Holyoke, MA, Beestroh originally arrived in Atlanta as a member of the rap trio Dot Com. As Hip-Hop started shifting away from the kind of music he wanted to make, Beestroh started looking for other avenues by which to remain immersed in the culture. He wanted to position himself as someone who could eventually shift the game back to the proper course. “It wasn’t about being the best DJ or the best rapper anymore,” he says of his change in perspective. “I just wanted to be involved with the culture and make an impact on it. And when I found radio, I thought it was dope because it allowed me to have such a strong voice and influence. That’s what pulled me in.” After fighting for a coveted internship at Radio One’s Hot 107.9, Beestroh took every opportunity to add the technical aspects of radio to his already impressive skillset. By the time he officially joined the station’s roster three years later, he was a force to be reckoned with: an experienced radio talent and professional; a gifted emcee on the verge of learning how to parlay his original skillset into the next phase of his career; and a battle tested DJ. His greatest qualities remain his innate ability to make any crowd or audience feel like they’re kickin’ it with an old friend; and his limitless desire for career innovation and personal evolution. Just as he taught himself how to DJ as a kid and perfected his skills as an MC without the benefit of a manager or even a mentor, Beestroh became the most dynamic event host in Atlanta simply by trial and error. “I used to go to different events and just grab the mic,” he recalls, “just to get my face and name out there. I wasn’t even thinking this was a career move. Then one day [Atlanta promoter] Abe Wossen told me to keep up the great work and actually paid me for hosting. Changed my life,” he adds laughing. Today, in addition to having solidified his position as one of Atlanta’s most beloved on-air personalities and having rocked every dope club in the A as a host and DJ; Beestroh is well on his way to establishing himself as a journalist and blogger, documenting both the business and cultural side of Hip-Hop. For the past four years, he has contributed to Radio One’s “Frequency Magazine” in a column that he created called, “Freq’n The Beat,” a spotlight on urban music producers. Additionally, his own is rapidly becoming a premier destination for entertainment news and original content. And Beestroh’s just getting started. “You have to find a way to separate yourself,” he says of his success. “Whenever I see someone tryna catch up in the lane I create, I just press the gas and go forward again. Sure, it’s probably only a matter of time before someone else tries make their presence felt like I have. And that’s when I’ll switch up again. “That’s how where I separate myself,” he continues. “You gotta be consistent. I know they’re not willing to do the work I’m doing. And that’s how I know I’m gonna win.”