Hip-hop's first couple, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, finally made it to the White House ... only for a visit that is. Jay and B visited the nation's First Family at the White house on Wednesday (March 3) while in town during a stop on the "BP3" tour, where Jay performed at the city's Verizon Center.

We guess Jay-Z's security has stepped it up since the Lil Mama incident. Dude tried to get on stage with Jay and got bodied! Check the video here!


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Avatar star Zoe Saldana tells Glamour magazine what she wants out of life, adding that she doesn't "want to be any other woman but myself." Click here to see what else she said.

Where were all the celebs at Ja Rule's birthday bash last night? Only Ashanti bothered to show up? Does this mean Ja is officially done and we won't be hearing from him again? Check out the photos here and tell us what you think.

A week after the Philadelphia 76ers' Allen Iverson announced he was leaving basketball for the rest of the season to be with his sick 4-year-old daughter, the star’s wife filed for divorce in Fulton County Superior Court.

In TLC member Chilli's first reality show, we get to see a side of the Atlanta native that we haven't seen before...the singer is looking for love! Click here and check out the trailer, which features Floyd Mayweather, T-Boz, Missy and others!

TMZ caught up with Lil Wayne, Nivea and their three month old son Neal as they left a New York hotel earlier this morning. Click here for he video!

Your perception becomes your reality. I’m sure you know the saying: “The glass is not half empty, it is half full.” This is true. Good can come from every circumstance in your life if you CHOOSE to see it that way…click MORE to read today’s quote!

T-Pain appeared on the "Wendy Williams Show" recently and the topic of discussion turned to Jay-Z and his autotune dissing smash, "D.O.A." See what Pain had to say here!